Happy Thanksgiving from the Cuba Central Team

Dear Friends:

As many of us prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re writing to ask you to hold in your hearts the people of El Salvador and to remember them as they recover from devastating floods that hit their country just a couple of weeks ago.

The Center for Democracy in the Americas and your friends at Cuba Central feel a close connection to El Salvador.

For many of us, the battle against U.S. involvement in the civil war in El Salvador during the 1980s was a key moment that drew us to Latin America, the causes of peace and social justice, and repairing the fabric of U.S. relations with the hemisphere.

The people of El Salvador have endured terrible hardships, but their faith in and commitment to their country has been rewarded over the years – first, with a peace agreement, and recently with democratic elections that resulted in a hard fought victory by the FMLN and the inauguration of Mauricio Funes as president.  His first act?  Recognizing Cuba.

Now, with so many other challenges before them, El Salvador is struggling against the aftermath of horrible storms and flooding, and coping with death and the destruction of innumerable villages and homes.

If you have resources to make a contribution to emergency relief for those in El Salvador still without homes, running water, mattresses or bedding — we encourage you to visit the Catholic Relief Services El Salvador webpage and make a Thanksgiving contribution today.

As you do, please also visit our website to view photos and videos we posted after visiting El Salvador this month, when we joined President Mauricio Funes, Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) and thousands of others in commemorating the deaths of the Jesuits in 1989, and saw first-hand the lashing that nature delivered to El Salvador with these storms.

Please help us provide help to the victims.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Cuba Central Team

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