Support Juanes’s Peace Concert in Cuba!

Colombian singer-songwriter, Juanes, is spearheading an international Paz Sin Fronteras (Peace Without Borders) concert in Cuba, the second in a series of concerts in the Western Hemisphere where people, not politicians, might be open to a message of change.

It is no surprise that he is under fire from some in Miami and elsewhere who don’t want him or anyone else to promote understanding between Cuba and the United States, who fear that a peaceful cultural event in Havana will undermine their narrative about what they call the “tropical gulag” in Cuba.

Please join The Center for Democracy in the Americas in signing a petition so that you too can stand with Juanes and support the message of hope, peace and unity that he plans to send with his concert in Havana!

You can access the petition here.

Here is the letter we will send to Juanes:

Dear Juanes,

We support the message of hope, peace and unity that you plan to send with your upcoming Paz sin Fronteras concert in Havana.

Last year’s concert, on the Peace Bridge crossing the Colombia-Venezuela border, showed your ability to speak to Latin American youth, to open their minds to peace, conflict resolution, and ending violence.

Using art and music, you and your colleagues are speaking directly to young people and encouraging them to think in fresh ways, to break down barriers, and asking everyone to come together, not to push one another apart.

Now you plan to bring this vision and this breath of hope to Cuba.

Some have mischaracterized this Peace without Borders concert as a political or ideological event, but they are the ones “politicizing” and “polarizing,” not you! Through their opposition, they have shown the world that we have much farther to go to find the peace, love and understanding, and that is why the Paz sin Fronteras concert in Havana must go forward as planned.

We salute you and your desire to connect the hearts and minds of this hemisphere’s youth in an effort to create a better world.

Juanes, we stand in support as you push forward for peace!

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