Obama’s Latin America Policy: Your turn to rate how he’s doing

Dear Friends:

When President Obama ran for office and discussed Latin America, he promised “a new Partnership for the Americas.” Although he has been in office just over six months, his administration has started to do things that may indicate what type of policy he wants to have for the region.

His first meeting with a foreign leader was with President Calderon of Mexico. He participated directly, as Presidents Clinton and Bush had, in April’s Summit of the Americas.  His administration was represented at the inauguration of El Salvador’s new President, Mauricio Funes. He has also condemned the coup in Honduras and called for the restoration of Manuel “Mel” Zelaya as president.

Further, the Obama administration has taken steps to change U.S. policy toward Cuba.  He repealed restrictions on the rights of Cuban-Americans to travel to Cuba and send remittances to their families.  The U.S. agreed to an OAS resolution to end Cuba’s suspension from the organization and has restarted direct talks with Cuba on migration and other matters.

Against this backdrop, we’re interested in learning your opinions about the Obama administration and the progress they’ve made in forming a new policy toward the region, especially toward Cuba.  Your identity will be kept anonymous but we would like to use your answers to issue a report on public opinion of the administration’s policy toward the Western Hemisphere.

Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to participate in our survey. Answers need to be submitted before 5 pm on August 12th to be included in the report. We value your feedback.

– The Cuba Central Team

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